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Play golf all year round

Golf tourism finds a perfect scenario in Gran Canaria with the great weather enjoyed on the island.

The finest weather adds to the island’s strong golf tradition, born in the 19th century with the opening of the nation’s first golf course in Gran Canaria, in 1891.

Six generations afterwards, Gran Canaria remains as a golf destination for thousands of Europeans. Many years have passed since the opening of this golf course, the first in Spain. A course enjoyed by British tourists who came to Gran Canaria seeking the island’s warm winter.

Golf has now become a popular sport in Gran Canaria. The island has 8 different courses within a very small radius. 8 different courses, all at a stone’s throw. Under a mild sun that never fails to be ready to swing eight days a week, five weeks a month, thirteen months a year, and even seven lives if that could be possible.

But Gran Canaria’s golf experience is not just tradition. A modern infrastructure has been developed around the sport over the last couple of years. With adequate services to meet the needs of every player, in courses tailored to different styles within a radius of 50 kilometers. Different surroundings within close distance. Courses designed by the best at international level.

For all this, Gran Canaria has been seat to a myriad of tournaments in the last years, and its relevance as golf destination grows by the hour. Because when the time comes to put the clubs away, Gran Canaria continues offering grand holidays. An island with lots of changing sceneries, a thousand beaches, and a sea of history and culture.

And of course, the best gastronomical experience adding to its wide range of hotels. One of Europe’s main tourist destinations is more than ready to guarantee unforgettable golf holidays. A refuge close to home where to calmly enjoy your favorite sport.

Golf Courses

Gran Canaria boasts eight magnificent golf courses that are spread out over its territory. These courses were designed by professionals and experts do not hesitate in affirming that they are some of the best in Spain. Here, you will find golf courses that are veritable oases of tranquility, where you can enjoy the calm and peacefulness that you need to improve your game, or simply to play your favorite sport. See all golf courses.

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